Flor y Nata Farm

Quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats 

Flor y Nata farm is in transition. We have leased out our breeding animals for until 2021. 

Flor y Nata farm is a small urban farm in the beautiful Columbia Gorge in Oregon. We choose to raise Nigerian Dwarf goats due to their small size, wonderful temperament, and delicious milk. These knee-high wonders produce enough milk for your family  to drink and  to make cheese. Their milk is sweet, rich and delicious. When made into cheese it yields more cheese than other breeds.

At Flor y Nata Farm are breeding for production and type. Our dairy goats are on milk test and will have yearly linear appraisals beginning in 2015, so that breeding and purchasing decisions can be well informed. All adult were tested August 2016 for CAE, CL, and Johne's. All results were negative.  

Contact Information:

Flor y Nata Farm

Karen Mooney

Hood River, OR 97031