Flor y Nata Farm

Quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats 

Here I am with the goat herd. Derringer is wearing a shirt to protect her from the sun. She had some sunburn from a having a show clip. Penny and Oliver are in my lap. Tootsie is the cream goat and Lolly and Harry are in front. They really all want some treats.

Our goat adventure began last year when we moved to our current home. We have just under an acre of land and I wanted to become more self-sufficient. My husband has indulged me as I added more and more animals to our small urban farm. We started with chickens then ducks. Later we added some turkeys and some geese. I have know for some time that I wanted goats, but they didn't arrive at our new home until April of this year. Ghost and Rosebud are two grade Nigerian Dwarf doelings that I purchase on Easter Sunday. My grandchildren were delighted.

A little over a month later convince that showing would be fun, I purchased two registered Nigerian Dwarf goats to get us started. My granddaughters showed Lolly and Derringer in Monroe. Since that time I have added Storm, Penny and Harry.

We are currently working hard to build a small barn to house everyone just a little more comfortably. We had kids coming in February and hope to have it built by January, so they can be born in the new barn. Currently we only have footings for the foundation. We us luck because we will need it.

Here's Lolly checking out the trench for the barn foundation.
This is the footing for our small barn. You can see the rebar that will be imbedded in the foundation wall that we are building next. The cans are to help remind everyone that the rebar is there. Check us out on Facebook to get more information on our progress.